I have always been fascinated with stories about “slices of life."

When my partner, Andrew Stone approached me to direct “The Plan,” I couldn’t refuse. “The Plan” is a three-day slice of life about an aspiring musician, Kat, negotiating love and a tumultuous career. Kat will make viewers think about what it takes to make an effort to balance both organically.

It started quite organically enough. Andy, who also happens to be my real life partner, had been investing a lot of time watching the classics on Netflix. He has a weird process of writing, at least by my measurement. He oscillates between watching films, exploring music and writing ferociously. One morning I found “The Plan” in my email. My first reaction was, “Who would want to watch a struggling musician’s defeat?” But the more I thought about it, the more I got convinced. First of all, there are not many films I have come across that take on such a dare - a lesbian alternative punk rocker with a girlfriend who has a life threatening illness. Top it all with an extremely vicious boss who has an intense dislike for this individualist, free-spirited musician.

We were in Montreal in the Spring of 2011, when Andy and I met Abisha Uhl of the band Sick of Sarah. Andy had spotted Abisha on YouTube, and both of us agreed that she would fit the part of Kat. So, we met her on our last night in Montreal, in a club on the outskirts of the city. She gave us a warm welcome, and to my surprise read some lines for us right before she went on stage to perform. Her intense demeanor, and her burning desire to explore acting came through.

One needs a Plan B. Or not. Life is not that simple. Its complications dictate spur of the moment decisions, joys, and bouts of passivity. What Kat does is work hard and follow her heart. Much like our lead, Abisha Uhl, does. Andrew Stone wrote a sensitive piece about the type of reality that exists but is rarely portrayed on screen. Kat is not a Disney character created to please a fickle generation.

She is the real deal. Her plan is the real deal.

--Vivek Sharma